Parents Call This Foldable Kid Carrier a 'Game Changer' for Family Outings Thanks to One Key Feature

And at 3.3 pounds, it can come with you anywhere.

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Let's be honest, as much as we love our kids, taking tots along for a hike or long day out and about can be a logistical nightmare. Whether you're using a large hiking carrier, bulky stroller, or wheeled cart, most options just aren't easy to lug around. The inconvenience becomes especially painful if you're traveling and have to pack along yet another piece of gear. Sure, slinging your mini over your shoulders can be fun for a few minutes, but relying on shoulder carrying for long stretches can be ergonomically taxing, not to mention unsafe. Faced with this problem, three Scandinavian dads set out to find a safe and fun way to explore the world with their children. The result was the MiniMes G4 Shoulder Carrier: an award-winning, foldable carrier that makes toting along kids from 6 months to 4 years simple, hassle-free, and actually fun.


To buy: MinMes G4 Shoulder Carrier, $169;

What sets the MiniMes G4 Shoulder Carrier apart from the rest of the pack(s) is that, unlike front or back carriers, this one evenly distributes weight over the shoulders of the person doing the carrying, "which makes it much more fun for the little kid and more comfortable for the adult," according to one reviewer. In addition to making the journey more scenic for your little one and more enjoyable for your back, another benefit of this design is it allows for a completely hands-free experience. "Being able to have my hands free to hand snacks, water, and other fun stuff was a godsend, and not having to mess with a stroller anywhere was brilliant," one shopper said. "This thing is coming with us everywhere!"

As a parent, safety is always priority number one, of course. Unlike slinging your toddler up onto your shoulders and hoping for the best, the G4 is designed with leg straps and a waist belt to secure your child above you. The product includes an extra harness with shoulder straps for babies 6 to 10 months to provide the additional upper body support needed at that stage of development. It also features a supportive backrest and extendable padded seat to make sure your kiddo is not only safe but comfortable. According to the MiniMes website, the G4 has passed all the safety standard tests in both the EU and the US up to 40 pounds.

When it comes to portability, it doesn't get much better than the G4. Weighing in at only about 3.3 pounds, the shoulder carrier folds down to about the size of a laptop and can be stashed away on its own or in the MiniMes Backpack (which you can bundle into your purchase for $50 off) along with other trip essentials. Reviewers say the carrier is light and comfortable even during multi-hour journeys and that it makes your child feel lighter than they actually are. So whether your kid is too little to walk or gets tired halfway through an outing and wants to be carried, the G4 Shoulder Carrier is an easily packable solution that can hang comfortably from your shoulder when not in use. Shop one now for $169 ahead of your next summer adventure and you'll be smooth sailing wherever you go.

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