Meet the Jogging Stroller

What makes a stroller suitable for jogging and the safest way to use one.


Hi, I'm Hallie Scheflin with American Baby magazine, and these are three things to look for in a jogging stroller. A jogging stroller has 3 big air-filled tires that take you swiftly down a path or a sidewalk. The front wheel should be able to lock straight. This allows you to move faster because the wheel can't swivel. Later, you can unlock it so that if you're running errands and need to be making a lot of turns, you can do so. A jogger also has a safety strap that you loop around your wrist while you run with it. Always wear the strap so that the stroller doesn't get away from you. One word of caution, you don't wanna jog with a very young baby who doesn't have the right neck support yet. So it's recommended that you use a jogging stroller for babies 6 months and older.

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