Lillebaby's latest addition to their Disney Baby Collection is all for parents who are conquering adulthood, one baby at a time. 

May 01, 2018
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Credit: Courtesy of Marisa Vitale 

Being a parent basically means being a superhero, right? Think about it, you instinctively react to the screams of “mom” or “dad” as your call to action, you always wear comfortable underwear, and you often find yourself leaping over Lego skyscrapers. Parenthood is an around the clock job that consists of saving the day. So it only seems right that you have superhero-worthy gear, which is why LILLEbaby’s new line of baby carriers that feature the Incredibles themselves are a must-have. Plus, Incredibles 2 comes out in June, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate our excitement.

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Credit: Courtesy of Marisa Vitale 

The sleek carriers come in light blue with a fun triangle pattern that compliments the silhouettes of our favorite superhero squad in action: Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. (Of course!)

LILLEbaby’s Incredibles 2
Credit: Courtesy of Marisa Vitale 

The carriers are available in two popular styles: the COMPLETE All Seasons (made up of cotton and mesh, this machine washable design has amazing temperature control panels perfect for any time of year) for $170 and the COMPLETE Airflow (which promises breathable, lightweight, 3D mesh that provides maximum airflow for you and your baby) for $150.

Credit: Courtesy of Marisa Vitale 

This isn't your average super suit. Now conquering your day-to-day obstacles can be a breeze with your baby strapped to you with comfort and ease. All carriers are available now on

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