How to Choose an Activity Seat

Finding the right plaything will keep your baby safe and entertained.


Hi. I'm Hallie Scheflin from American Baby Magazine, and I'm here to tell you all about activity seats. So you need to cook, or get dressed, or take a shower, or get anything else done. How do you keep babies safely contained? Meet the activity seat, mommy's little helper. Newborns can sit in an infant bouncy seat but he graduates from it at about 3 to 4 months old when he can start to sit up on his own. This is the perfect time to move to an activity seat, where there are lots of play things within his reach. Some activity seats let baby rotate to see lots of fun toys, and others let baby bounce up and down, which some kids love. For safety, keep any baby seat on the floor and never on a high surface. Stationary activity centers are much safer than walkers, which let baby roll around and potentially get in danger. Pediatricians say that not only are walkers not safe, they actually don't teach baby to walk. Your baby still needs time practicing how to roll and crawl. That's the kind of exercise that will eventually get them up and walking. So about 20 minutes or a half hour in an activity seat can be fun for baby and save your sanity. Know that your baby will still need supervised time on the floor to build his muscles.

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