Car Seat Installation Tips

Install you car seat safely and easily.


-Hi. I??m Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby Magazine and I??m here with Adam Cohen of and a certified passenger safety technician and he??s gonna give us some tips for installing your car seat correctly ??cause so many parents get it wrong, right? It??s hard. -90% of Americans have car seat installed incorrectly. First, we check is if we could wiggle more than an inch, it??s not installed correctly. -You need to get it tighter than that. -Absolutely. -And do you use the latch or a seatbelt or both? -You never ever, ever use both seatbelt and latch. You choose one or the other. The simplest way is usually latch. Latch is the clips down here and it topped [unk] and it??s really simple to install, instructions can be found in your user manual or on the stickers on the side of the car seat themselves. For seatbelt, you then take the seatbelt go through one of the seatbelt passing the car seat and once again that should be clearly labeled by the stickers on the car seat and then you could simply click it in. -Or in the manual which is really important for [unk]. -The user manual is critical information that you need to know so please review that too. -But if you can??t understand the manual and can??t seem to get it tighten enough then what do you do? -Well, they need to go to and enter in your zip code and final local certified passenger safety technician in your local area to install it. While municipal, you know, agencies might install it for free, local stores that are certified might have a meal charge for it and once again safety first. -Right, better to have somebody else look at it and be sure. So thank you for those tips for installing your car seat correctly.

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