7 Tips for Buying a Car Seat

When shopping for a car seat, safety is always top of mind. There's only one way to take baby home from the hospital, and that is in an infant-safe car seat. Here are some tips for choosing the safest possible car seat for your little one.


-Hi. I'm Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby Magazine, and I'm here with Adam Cohen of DaDaRocks.com, and a certified passenger safety technician. And he's gonna tell us the difference between an infant car seat and a convertible car seat. -Now, it's most common to start with an infant car seat and then transition to convertible car seat. And that's mainly due to weight and height restrictions. An infant car seat is great because it's easy and it comes out of the base. -All right. So you can take this out of your car, put it into a stroller or just take your child into a restaurant, right? -Absolutely. So there's a big convenience factor with this. We leave the sleeping child sleeping. That's the key, never wake a sleeping baby. But the great thing about the convertible car seat is that most of them do go from 5 pounds to 40 to 60 to 70 pounds, depending on the model and the type. So you'd want to go, wanna talk to the-- look at website and see which model is really right for your family and see if-- -How long can a baby stay in the infant car seat? -This-- the infant car seat really depends on once again, the weight. So, usually it's somewhere between 20 and 35 pounds for the infant car seat. Usually it's between 1 year old and a 2-year old that's where you guys are transitioning them out in a convertible car seat. -And then they can last in a convertible for a couple of years, right? -Yeah. They can last in a convertible up until like 7 years, and you don't wanna switch that to booster, but realistically [unk] wanna do that 4 years and I start looking at the booster models and switch them out again. -And it's called a convertible because it faces rear and forward. -It converts from a rear facing car seat into a full facing car seat and that's the biggest thing you could really ask for. -All right. Thank you, Adam for walking us through the differences between an infant and a convertible car seat.

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