Car Seats

Which car seat should you buy? Here we break down the various options, provide tips for buying a car seat, and ultimately help you buy a car seat that is right for your baby.

Most Parents Are Afraid to Tell Others They've Made a Common Car Seat Mistake

Not only are too many parents not keeping kids in rear-facing car seats long enough, but loved ones who notice aren't comfortable pointing it out.

Best Car Seats for Babies and Toddlers

Going for a ride? Keep baby as safe and comfy as possible in one of these cool car seats.

Which Car Seat Is Right for Your Child?

A valuable age-by-age guide to your child's car seat needs.

Target So Hits the Bullseye With Car Seat Trade-In Program

Quick! Save your old car seat from a lonely fate in a landfill and save money in the process.

How to Select the Perfect Car Seat for Baby

With so many choices and types of car seats on the market, how do you know what to look for? Our product expert weights in.

Is Your 1-Year-Old in the Right Car Seat? Are You Sure?

A recommendation from Consumer Reports says babies older than 1 should be moved from infant car seats to rear-facing convertible seats.

How to Recycle Your Baby Gear

Your baby's almost grown and now you have some big-ticket items that are no longer needed. Find out which used baby gear items you can recycle, and which ones are safe to pass down to an expecting parent.

Avoid a Car-Seat Mistake

Learn the mistakes that parents most often make, and how to avoid them.

When to Switch a Car Seat

Learn when to switch your car seat.

7 Tips for Buying a Car Seat

When shopping for a car seat, safety is always top of mind. There's only one way to take baby home from the hospital, and that is in an infant-safe car seat. Here are some tips for choosing the safest possible car seat for your little one.

Britax Recalls More Than 71,000 Infant Car Seats

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of thousands of infant car searts Thursday.

Car Seat Installation Tips

Install you car seat safely and easily.

10 Car-Seat Safety Secrets

Feel like you're fighting with the car seat these days? Our tips will help make installation a breeze and get you and Baby on the road to safer travel.

How to Install a Car Seat

Learn how to properly install a car seat and keep your baby safe while riding in the car.

When to Worry: A Lingering Cough

Your child's lingering cough is most likely due to the common cold, but it could be a sign of something more serious. Learn about at-home treatment methods and when you should call a doctor.

Attention Parents! Evenflo Recalling 30,000 Car Seats Over Major Safety Concern

The potential for kids to adjust their own safety harnesses has prompted car seat maker Evenflo to initiate a recall of three popular models.

The First Self-Installing Car Seat Is Coming This Summer

This "smart" car seat comes with its own smartphone app and aims to take the guesswork out of car seat installation.

Alarming Study: Only 5% of Parents Use Infant Car Seats With No Mistakes

Are you making a car seat mistake that could harm your baby? Chances are, the answer is yes.

How to Buckle Baby Into a Car Seat

Securing baby in his car seat can be a challenge, but it's a necessity in keeping him safe. Follow these tips to be sure baby's buckled in right.

"If Only I'd Used a Booster Seat"

Her little boy was killed in a car crash. The proper restraint could have saved his life. Won't you join this mom's campaign to strengthen child-safety laws? Read her story, then find out how you can help.

Own a Combi Car Seat? Check if Yours Is One of the 39,000 Recalled

Some of Combi's Coccoro car seat restraints are being recalled due to the increased risk of injury for children in the event of a crash.

Babyproofing Your Home: Infant Car Seat

Car-seat safety isn't just for inside the car. Of course, you should keep your little one buckled securely in his car seat while the car is in motion, but there are also important safety hazards to be aware of if you keep your baby in his car seat outside of the car. Follow these child safety tips to help keep your child safe in her infant car seat, wherever it is.