Are These Baby Products Real?

Some products for baby are pretty outrageous. Watch our video and test your knowledge of what gear is real and what's fake!


[MUSIC] Baby Products Real or Fake? Lil Lager Beer Baby Bottle. Baby formula in a safe plastic bottle with silicone nipple. Real or fake? Real. Smelly Sensor Air Freshener. Sprays a fresh scent when odors are detected. Real or fake? Fake. Twin ID Semi-permanent Baby Tattoo. Real or fake? Fake. Swarovski My Carry Potty. Portable training toilet encrusted with 3,200 Swarovski crystals. Real or fake? Real. Babytune Auto-tune Baby Monitor. Makes crying less irritating by adjusting baby's pitch. Real or fake? Fake. The Daddle Saddle for Dads. Make horseback rides fun and safe with a soft stuffed saddle horn. Real or fake? Real. Bib'Expresso Bottle Warmer. Makes preparing a bottle as easy as pouring a shot of espresso. Real or fake? Real. Pup Power Dog Stroller. Harness your stroller to your pooch for long walks in the park. Real or fake? Fake. The Buttwasher Baby Bidet. Use water instead of wipes to clean your little one's bum. Real or fake? Real. Glide Along Secure Baby Seat. The safest way to travel with your infant on a personal transporter. Real or fake? Fake. How'd you do? 

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