10 Parents-Approved High Chairs at Every Size and Price Point

When it's time for your baby to join the supper club, you've got high chair options at every size and price point.

Baby in a high chair eating
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Easy to Clean: Nuna Zaaz

Nuna grey high chair
Courtesy of Nuna

The foam cushion on the compact Nuna Zaaz curves at your baby's back for comfort and is devoid of crumb-catching crevices. Slide the seat up or down to adjust to any height.

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Infant-Friendly: Kids 2 Ingenuity Beanstalk

Ingenuity high chair
Courtesy of Ingenuity

Fully recline the new Kids 2 Ingenuity Beanstalk, and your infant can rest near you at mealtimes. Later, when they're ready to dine on solids, you can sit the chair up.

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Sleek Design: Lalo The Chair

Lalo blue high chair
Courtesy of Lalo

Made of sustainable beechwood, Lalo The Chair is good-looking yet practical, with a second set of short legs to convert it into a play chair.

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Second Use: Skip Hop Sit-to-Step High Chair

Skip Hop grey high chair
Courtesy of Skip Hop

At the end of the baby years, you can convert the Skip Hop Sit-to-Step High Chair into a kitchen step stool your toddler can use.

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Grows With Your Kid: Stokke Tripp Trapp

Green Stokke Tripp Trapp chair
Courtesy of Stokke

Stokke Tripp Trapp, beloved since 1972, can be your child's customizable chair for years. Just move the seat and footrest into new slots as your kid grows.

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Travel-Ready: Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Orange Inglesina table chair
Courtesy of Inglesina

Arms securely hold the Inglesina Fast Table Chair in place at your table, but it's also easy to unhook and put in its carry bag for dining out.

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Smart Bargain: Century Dine On

Century high chair
Courtesy of Century

Wheel the Century Dine On to the table, then turn it into a big-kid seat later. Also cool: You can remove the tray with one hand.

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Transformer: Graco DuoDiner DLX 6-in-1

Graco high chair
Courtesy of Graco

The Graco DuoDiner DLX 6-in-1 adapts as your family grows, dividing into a simple seat for your elder kid and an on-chair high chair for a second baby.

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Pint-Size: Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

Fisher Price space saver high chair
Courtesy of Fisher-Price

Secure the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair to a dining chair. Toss its tray into the dishwasher and cushion into the laundry.

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Works Like Magic: 4Moms Connect

4moms Connect High Chair
Courtesy of Amazon

Magnets help the tray of the 4Moms Connect slide right in, so you can insert it or take it off with one hand. It's height-adjustable and the seat leans back for young babies.

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