5 Baby Items You Can Live Without

With so much baby gear out there, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and sometimes even buy too much-- but don't worry, here are five items you won't need to splurge on.


[MUSIC] Buying or registering for baby stuff? Skip the items that aren't worth the splurge, here are five. First, a changing table, they're pricey and take up lots of space. Instead, buy a changing pad and secure it to a low dresser or wide bench. Furniture you can use as your child grows. Number two, a wipe warmer. Warm, moist environments can be breeding grounds for germs. Keeping something in a contained space that will touch your baby's privates is not a good idea. Number three, a diaper. Diaper bag. Just because it's marketed as a diaper bag doesn't mean it comes with many special features, only a heavy price tag. Instead, opt for a messenger bag or tote which will still get the job done. Number four, crib bumpers. They have caused a number of deaths and injuries in babies two years old and younger. Younger. Instead opt for cute sheets and crib skirt. And finally, a stand alone high chair. They're expensive, clunky, and a hassle to clean. Get a model that simply attaches to a dining chair and let baby eat at the table. That way you don't have to buy a booster seat later on. [MUSIC]

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