4 Parents-Approved Swaddles to Keep Baby Snuggly

Babies have their preferences and so do parents, so don't be afraid to try a few snuggly options.

Swaddled Baby
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Regulates Temp

Halo SleepSack Ideal Temp
Courtesy of Halo

The new Halo SleepSack Ideal Temp can hold your baby's arms in, out, or up and is made of temperature-controlling material that helps prevent overheating.

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Quiet Fasteners

SwaddleMe Original Velboa
Courtesy of SwaddleMe

The closures on the soft SwaddleMe Original Velboa make bundling your newborn super-easy—and less likely to wake them. A zipper at the bottom allows for quick diaper changes.

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For Traditionalists

Retro Prep Organic Muslin Swaddle Set
Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

A big rectangle of stretchy fabric is the tool of the trade in hospitals, where nurses wrap newborns like little burritos. Try it at home with this three-blanket Retro Prep Organic Muslin Swaddle Set.

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Hands in the Air

Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original
Courtesy of Love to Dream

Funny but true: Many infants prefer to sleep with arms raised in a victory position. Zip them into a Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original to keep them in the position they love while helping them sleep through involuntary startles.

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