Q: My baby is almost 1 year and doesn't want to eat baby food anymore -- she only wants table food. Is this okay?

A: It’s fine if your baby has given up on pureed food and only wants what you're eating, as long as you make sure she can't choke on it. To satisfy her cravings and keep her safe, mash up a variety of soft table foods like peas, carrots, baked potatoes, banana, and soft ground meats (try meatballs and meat loaf made with beef or turkey). However, until 12 months, your baby still needs to get the bulk of her nutrition from formula or breast milk. This means her intake should remain the same no matter what table food she eats, around 24 to 32 ounces a day. After 12 months, you can switch your baby to drinking whole milk; initially she should get as much as her breast milk or formula. Then, as she gets older, slowly increase her solid meals and scale back on the milk.

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