July 02, 2015

Q: I'm making my daughter's baby food. I have just been using a cheap imitation magic bullet to puree. It has worked fine for most foods, but when I try to puree different meats it leaves chunks that she doesn't like. Im planning on getting a nice food processor and will spend up to $200, but I want it to do A LOT. Afterall, she won't be eating purees for too much longer. Do you have any experience with Chef's Mark? Fingerhut has a 14-in processor that looks like it does everything, but it would be over $200 after shipping and Im not sure about the brand. Any other suggestions?

A: I haven't personally used the Chef's Mark processor, but it looks like a fairly powerful tool for the price. Judging by the fact that its got more than double the power of your Magic Bullet (or Bullet knockoff), I think it will be a good purchase. With cooking equipment, you often get what you pay for. Even though the Magic Bullet may be versatile, the motor is just not strong enough to get the job done. My guess is that you will be happy once you make the upgrade and see the difference both in quality and in power.

Answered by Britt Kurent