Starting Solid Food

Important tips for feeding baby his first solid food. Plus, find out which foods are not safe for your little one.


We see that mother is holding her child firmly and safely with her left arm. It's important to find a sitting position that will work for both you and your child. Prepare your child's food in advance. Spoon a small amount of food and carefully coax it into your child's mouth. Don't push the spoon too far in, as the child may then start gagging. You may see some food on the outside of your child's mouth. You can scrape this back into the spoon. The child will probably need some time to get used to the new taste. So, don't force him to eat food that he doesn't seem to like. And don't force him to eat more solid food than he wants. If necessary, you can supplement his diet with milk, instead. Suggestions for food. Various cereal mixtures with iron. Do not feed your child fish, egg, honey, shellfish, or nuts during his first year.

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