How To Start Solids

Dig into these tips and start saying "Hurray for purees!"


-Your baby should be at least 4 months before you introduce her to solids, but it's best to wait until 6 months. At that age he'll have developed good head control and the skills necessary for swallowing food. You'll know she's ready for solids of she seems fascinated watching you eat, eagerly looking on as you take in every bite or reaching towards your kind of food. When your baby is ready to eat solids, start her off with pureed foods, vegetables or iron-fortified whole grain cereals. Stir full of anything with added sugars. When making cereal, mix it with breast milk or formula until it's slightly thicker than a [unk]. Prepare a very small amount and offer it to her on a small spoon. Some babies may rejects solids at first. That's okay. She's still gonna use this new source of nutrients. If she's 6 months old, continue to offer them slowly and calmly until she gets to hang a bit. If she's younger, you can wait a few days and try again. Even after you've introduced solids you should continue to offer breast milk or formula at meal time for the first couple of months. Start save 2 of her meals with one or two tablespoons of solid food followed by breast milk or formula. As your baby gets older, you can gradually increase the number of times you offer solids as well as the amount. Take note if your baby starts to turn her head away from food or spits it out. She's letting you know that she's done eating.

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