The Best Finger Foods for Baby

When it's time for your baby to start solids, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests slowly introducing fruits, veggies, and meat one at a time to gauge their reaction. Here's our list of safe finger foods to gradually introduce into your child's diet.

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Baby Cereal Puffs

Bowl of Cheerios
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Baby cereal "puffs" or O-shaped cereal make a great first finger food for Baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests buying infant-specific cereals with the extra nutrients your little one needs.

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Half-peeled banana
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Bananas have a sweet taste and soft texture that babies love. Cut bananas into small pieces so little ones won't choke. You can also feed your child other soft, ripe foods when starting solids.

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Sweet Potato

mashed sweet potato
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Babies naturally like sweeter veggies such as cooked, diced sweet potatoes. Steam or bake them instead of boiling to retain more nutrients.

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How to Start Solids

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Cut Open Avocado Halves Ripe
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Avocados have a soft, velvety texture that make them an ideal first finger food for Baby. Cut the avocado into small cubes before serving.

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Chicken or Meat

Packaged Raw Ground Meat

To give your baby some protein, puree some soft chicken or meat. You can serve small chunks to babies 12 months and older.

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Peaches or Pears

Bucket of Peaches

Once your baby has mastered easy finger foods, you can move onto very ripe peaches or pears. Dice them before handing to your infant.

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Dice tofu into small squares, but remember not to force your baby to eat anything they don't want to. Many experts suggest trying repeatedly; eventually your little one might be willing to venture a taste, which could expand their palette in the future.

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Whole-Grain Bread

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Don't forget to implement some whole grains into your baby's diet! Take slices of whole-grain bread, cut them into cubes or strips, and get rid of those hard crusts. You can also toast the bread and top strips with peanut butter, hummus, or another spread.

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Quick Tip: Baby Food Storage

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From Buttered Pasta to Spaghetti with Sauce
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Parents can start introducing pasta during a baby's fifth or sixth month. Choose small noodles like spirals or macaroni, and make sure they're well-cooked.

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Hard-Boiled Egg

How to Hard Boil an Egg

The AAP says eating eggs during early childhood may help reduce food allergies, so chop a hard-boiled egg into small pieces for your baby.

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Vegetable Casserole

Sweet Potato Tot Casserole in Baking Dish on Blue Towel
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Has your baby mastered single-ingredient foods? Then move onto multi-ingredients options like vegetable casserole! Start with pasta and add marinara sauce and vegetables, such as chopped broccoli and asparagus.

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Other First Finger Foods

3 Finger Foods Perfect for BLW_STILL

Remember that you don't have to stick with one or two options—there are a wide variety of finger foods for Baby! And since experts suggest that repeated exposures to flavors can help reduce picky eating later on, it's good to include a range of naturally sweet, savory, and bitter flavors.

Here are more safe first finger foods to try. Just remember to avoid any hard foods that can snap and cannot be squished between your fingers.

  • Baby puffs
  • Baby rice crackers
  • Blueberries, very soft and halved
  • Beans, cooked until very soft
  • Broccoli, chopped and steamed
  • Butternut squash, cubed and steamed
  • Cauliflower, chopped and steamed
  • Fish, steamed or poached in broth or water without added salt, with bones removed, and flaked into small pieces. (Choose low-mercury options that are high in healthy fats like wild salmon, rainbow trout, or tilapia.)
  • Goat cheese, crumbled
  • Green beans, chopped and steamed
  • Ground beef, cooked without salt
  • Peas, cooked
  • Potatoes, cubed, tossed with olive oil, and roasted in a 400 degree F oven on a baking sheet for 22 to 25 minutes or until very soft
  • Potatoes, mashed
  • Rice, well-cooked, plain or mixed with shredded cheese to help it hold together
  • Shredded whole-milk cheese
  • Tomatoes, peeled and cubed
  • Yellow squash, cubed and steamed
  • Zucchini, cubed and steamed
  • Watermelon, cubed
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