15 Easy Finger Foods for Babies With No Teeth

Want to give your little one some extra nutrition, but worried about what he can chew with no teeth? We've rounded up some of the best finger foods for babies.

15 Flavor Combinations Your Baby Will Love

When my son's pediatrician told me that I needed to incorporate more finger foods into his diet because he's such a tiny little peanut (not to mention nearly a year old), I sort of panicked. The kid may be 10 months old but he still doesn't have any teeth, despite months of brutal teething symptoms. How could he possibly handle finger foods more substantial than those melt-in-the-mouth puffs without some horrible choking incident, I wondered?

Of course, I've since learned that those mighty little jaws can make quick work of lots of stuff (even cupcakes!). In fact, many experts now recommend serving easy fingers soon after babies start solids, and some parents are skipping purees altogether in favor of baby-led weaning. The babies may not ingest very much at first, but they'll develop better eye-hand coordination and get in some good food exploration to boot.

So I've been focused on coming up with combos of finger foods that taste great together, the same concept that I use when I'm dreaming up new purees for my son. I dice everything and cook all the veggies and fruits well so they're super soft and easy for him to gum up. Here are my fave ideas -- what are yours?

  1. Sweet potato and apple
  2. Banana and avocado
  3. Roast chicken and apple
  4. Cheese omelet and turkey-apple sausage
  5. Elbow pasta with marinara sauce and foccacia
  6. Cheese toast and sweet potato fries
  7. Swiss cheese and apricots
  8. Mac 'n' cheese and beets
  9. Green beans and pears
  10. Butternut squash and peaches
  11. Peas and plums
  12. Carrots and apple
  13. Banana and cherries
  14. Fresh mozzarella and tomato
  15. Cheddar cheese and figs

    Baby Food: Spinach and Banana Puree

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