Solid Foods

It's time to start feeding your baby solid foods! What should you feed him first? Here you'll learn when to start solid foods, how to introduce solids and recognize allergies, what to start with, and more.

Feeding Your 9- to 12-Month-Old

What to feed a baby who's between jar food and solids.

Portion Guide for Feeding Baby the First Year

Even though your baby can't tell you when he's hungry or full during his first year, he will still often take charge of feedings! Learn how many ounces and how often to feed your baby every month based on guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Signs of Readiness for Solids

The pediatrician doesn't want me to start solids.

20 Foods to Feed Your Baby Before Age 1

When it comes to feeding your baby solid foods, variety is the spice of life. Research shows that the more fruits and vegetables a baby eats before age one, the more likely she is to eat a variety of produce by the time she's six. And when it comes to allergens like peanuts and eggs, pediatricians also recommend offering them to your baby before 12 months. So get cooking, mama!

Solid Foods: How Much & When

A baby drinks the majority of her calories until about 7 to 10 months. So at mealtime, feed breast milk or formula first, before the solid food. At about 9 months, flip-flop the order and begin giving food first. The guidelines below are only suggestions of what to feed when, because all babies grow and develop at different rates.

Simple Homemade Baby Food

It's easier than you think to create fresh meals for your baby.

An Age-By-Age Guide to Feeding Your Baby Solid Foods

Confused about when and how to begin feeding your little one baby food? Here's a complete guide to starting solids from a pediatrician.

8 Must-Know Tips for Starting Solids

It may seem like everyone has an opinion when it comes to starting solids. Read on to find out which tips to follow -- and which you can ignore.

7 Foods to Feed Baby Before Age 1

Research shows that the more fruits and veggies babies eat before age 1, the more likely they are to eat a variety of produce by age 6. Here are seven foods to feed your baby before age 1 (and how to prepare them!).

Age-by-Age Guide to Starting Solid Foods

We've made it easy to feed your baby a healthy, balanced menu. This age-by-age guide to solid foods will ensure your baby gets all the nutrition she needs.

Quiz: Is Your Baby Ready to Get Started on Solids?

Sometime during your baby's first year, it'll be time to start adding solid foods to his diet. But how do you know when he's ready for a spoon and a high chair? Take our quiz and find out if it's time to start feeding your baby solids.

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Baby's First Finger Foods

When it's time for your baby to start eating solid foods, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests slowly introducing fruits, veggies, and meat one at a time to gauge baby's reaction to each new food. Here's our list of safe finger foods to gradually introduce into your child's diet.

Is Your Baby Refusing the Spoon? Here's What to Do

It can be frustrating (and scary) when your once ravenous baby suddenly shuns spoon-feeding. But it's completely normal. Here's why it happens and how to adjust.

9 Tips for Safely Introducing Solid Foods to Baby

Starting your baby on solid foods can be stressful. Here's how to keep him safe and healthy as he begins his eating adventures.

Forbidden Baby Foods

Don't put your baby at risk for choking or an allergic reaction. Here are four foods you shouldn't feed your bundle of joy before her 1st birthday.

6 Myths About Baby's First Foods

From a "best" order for starting solids to avoiding all cow's milk before age 1, here are 6 common myths about baby's first foods (and the facts you should know!).

Introducing Baby to Cow's Milk

While it may seem a perfectly ordinary milestone in our little one's development, the process of introducing dairy to your baby does require some strategy. Get answers to your most-asked questions and learn the dos and don'ts of starting Baby on cow's milk.

Forbidden Baby & Toddler Foods

Infants and young children have trouble chewing completely, so certain foods pose a choking hazard until they reach age 4. Check out our list of foods to avoid giving babies and toddlers -- plus tips for worry-free, healthy eating.

Introducing Solid Foods to Baby

When and how to add new tastes and textures to your baby's diet.

Family Recipes Made for Baby

Studies show that babies become more adaptable eaters when they eat foods prepared for the whole family. Renee Lessen, a clinical nutritionist at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, says, "As long as your family is eating well, there is no reason why your baby shouldn't have what you're having." Most dinners can be easily tailored to food fit for Baby, saving time and money and adding a seat at the table for the littlest family member.

First Year Feeding Guide

The hows, whens, and whys of infant nutrition.

Feeding Your Baby

When should you introduce solids? And how much should you give your little one? Use our chart as a guide

Portion Guide for Babies: 8 Months to 12 Months

At this age, it might be time to start feeding your baby finger foods. We tell you how to plan a full day's menu for your bundle of joy.

Should You Feed Your Baby Peanuts? The AAP Weighs In

In a consensus, the American Academy of Pediatrics and nine other medical professional organizations threw their weight behind a study recommending that peanut-containing products be introduced to babies.