Q: Which should my baby try first, fruits or vegetables?

A: There are theories for both sides, but many pediatricians don't think there's any real advantage to either. One camp says that your baby will be more accepting of veggies if he has the chance to try them first (since fruits are sweeter-tasting, like the breast milk or formula your baby's already used to). Others argue that offering fruit first will help baby adjust to solids better, and then you can ease in veggies later on. Really, it's up to you -- and it's not that big a deal either way. Chances are you'll have better luck getting your baby to take more mild-flavored foods at first, whether they're sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, or peas. More important, be sure to start one new food at a time and wait about three days before introducing something else. This gives your baby's developing digestive system time to adjust, and lets you know exactly what the culprit is should your baby have some sort of reaction.

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