Experimenting With Babies: Under Pressure

Research has shown that most babies exhibit a mouth-opening response, known as the Babkin reflex, when pressure is applied to their palms. See it in action, and then try it on your baby at home.


Experimenting with babies. Put one of your baby's natural reflexes to the test with this experiment called response under pressure. You can safely perform this at home on your newborn to six month old baby, as long as he's supervised of course. For this experiment all you'll need is your adorable little test subject. Lay your awake, alert, infant on his back. Press down firmly onto the center of his open palms with each of your thumbs, and hold this pressure for about a second. Your baby should exhibit a mouth opening response called the Babkin reflex. This reflex has a very practical use for parents. If your newborn is not feeding well, you can apply pressure to his palms to get him to open his mouth to nurse or take a bottle. [MUSIC]

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