Superfoods for Babies: 6 Months and Older

Weaning your baby is an exciting time for both of you. It's a huge step forward for your baby into whole new world of tastes and textures.


[BABY CRYING] [MUSIC] Super foods are considered super, because they are filled with nutrients. And they're not just for adults. When your baby starts solids, around four to six months, she can also start on the power foods. First tried bananas. Whether mashed or diced, bananas are packed with potassium, fiber and vitamins B and C. This gives your baby an extra boost of energy and promotes healthy digestion. Second, go to avocados. Smashed or cubed, this fruit, yes fruit, is high in protein, which helps with muscle development. And unsaturated fats. The good kind of fat that also boosts brain development. Third, offer up kale. This trendy. leafy veg isn't just for green juices. Pureed kale is brimming with calcium and Vitamin C and K which helps strengthen teeth and bones. Finally, dish up carrots. Eating pureed or soft carrots actually can improve vision. Vitamin A, and betacarotene, the anti-oxidants that make carrots orange. Are the nutrients that can help with baby's eye sight. For the most part your baby can eat pureed, or softened versions of these super foods. So start expanding his taste buds. And don't worry mom. These foods carry a low risk of allergic reactions. [MUSIC]

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