Portion Guide for Babies: Birth to 4 Months

You know your little one needs to eat regularly, but what is considered a normal feeding schedule? Learn how often your newborn should be eating and how much, whether he is breastfed or bottlefed.


[MUSIC] As a new mom, you already know that your baby begins feeding within one hour after birth and then keeps going. But how often and how much is considered normal? Breast-fed babies feed every 2 to 3 hours. [INAUDIBLE] An average of eight to 12 times a day. After the first few weeks, babies will have mastered breastfeeding. If they feed again before an hour and a half has passed, talk to your pediatrician about overeating. As for formula babies, they feed every three to four hours. An average of six to eight times a day. They'll usually start drinking between two and three ounces per feeding at birth. Which will increase to 68 ounces per feeding by four months. Just remember to keep your baby on a consistent feeding schedule so you'll know what to expect at all hours of the day and night. [MUSIC]

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