Is it ok to mix cereal with cow's milk?

Q: My mother-in-law mixed my baby's rice cereal with cow's milk. Will this cause a problem?

A: Babies under 1 shouldn't drink cow's milk (their stomachs aren't mature enough to digest it yet), but once or even a few times shouldn't be anything to worry about. A baby who drinks cow's milk too early can experience a range of unpleasant symptoms, including an upset tummy, eczema, allergies, and anemia. Make sure your mother-in-law (or anyone else who helps take care of your baby) knows to steer clear of the cow juice and use breast milk, formula, or water to mix up your baby's cereal. For the first year, babies get all the nutrition they need from breast milk or formula; at first, solids are mostly for the experience of learning to eat.

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