July 02, 2015

Q: My 7-month-old only eats a couple of tablespoonfuls of food per day. How much should she have?

A: It varies. At this age, some kids are precocious -- they eat three meals of solids and are even into table food, while others are just getting the hang of it. Don't worry about the amount. Instead, concentrate more on gradual improvement as the days and weeks go by. If you think your kid is eating small amounts of food because she's not wild about spoon-feeding or is still adjusting to the whole eating-solids thing, try increasing the number of times you offer baby food to two to three times a day so she can practice. If your baby drinks more than 30 ounces of formula a day or still nurses every two to three hours, then cut back on the milk a bit so she'll have an appetite for food. To ensure that your child will be hungry, it's also a good idea to wait at least an hour after bottle-feeding or nursing before offering baby food. --Gina Bevinetto Feld

Originally published in the October 2007 issue of American Baby magazine.  Updated 2009.

Answered by American Baby Team


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