Q: I have a new mom friend and we get along great except for one thing: She thinks I'm crazy not to make my own baby food. How do I get her to lay off?

A: Can I first just say how irritated I get by judgy friends? Making your own baby food is one of those things that sounds great, but it can also be time-consuming and simply doesn’t work for everyone. Besides, there are many organic options on the market today that may make sense for you and your baby, beyond those jars of mashed mystery meat! But rather than trying to argue your POV, the next time your friend tries to save your baby from the terrors of prepackaged food, simply smile and nod, and continue to feed your baby the way you want to. If she is so gung ho about making her own food, instead of wasting her time criticizing she can make you a batch!

Answered by Rosie Pope



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