How to Buy Baby Formula on a Budget

To prevent Baby from eating through all of your money, be smart about your spending on baby formula. Here are some tips on how to save on formula costs, starting from when you leave the hospital.


Baby formula comes at a high cost. Keep more green in your wallet with these smart saving strategies. Before you leave the hospital with your newborn, ask for free formula. Already passed that stage? Check with your pediatrician to see if he stocks samples in his office. Formula manufacturers like Enfamil and Similac offer discount in coupons when you sign up for email newsletters and subscriptions. Other online sources like, Coupon Cabin, and Retail Me Not, offer coupons for online, or in store. Just search for them before you shop. Become a member at stores like Babys R Us or, depending on your credit, sign up for store credit cards at retailers that offer discounts right at the register, like Target. Finally buy in bulk. Big box stores like Costco BJ's and Sam's club offer wholesale prices on formula. When you're busy with a new baby, it's nice to save on a few shopping trips too.

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