Dr. Alan Greene answers the question, Can changing brands of formula cause diaper rash?

By Alan Greene, MD, FAAP


Can changing brands of formula cause diaper rash?


Yes, changing formula can cause diaper rash. If it's a really bad rash, I would also consider whether yeast might have gotten in the rash. Almost all diaper rashes that have gone on for two weeks have become complicated by a yeast infection, and may not clear up without treating the yeast.

The switch from one formula to another might cause a brief diaper rash but wouldn't be expected to cause anything prolonged. A switch from soy to cow's milk formula or vice versa might. Lotrimin is a good over-the-counter cream for a yeast diaper rash. A diaper rash that doesn't clear up after being treated for yeast should be checked by your physician.

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