Feeding in the First Year

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9 Healthy Baby Snacks That Are Great On the Go

There's no need to sacrifice nutrition while you're away from home. These healthy snack options will keep babies and toddlers growing strong.

How to Make Baby Food at Home

Follow a few simple rules to make and freeze homemade baby food so you can have a wholesome meal at the ready.

10 Foods to Healthfully Encourage Baby's Weight Gain

While most babies gain weight without issue, your pediatrician may suggest adding even more nutritious, fat-filled foods to your little one's diet. Here are ways to tip the scale in their favor.

3 New Ways to Introduce Allergens to Babies

Introducing allergens like peanuts and eggs to your baby early on may help lower the risk for allergies. Here are some easy ways to do it.

Why You May Want to Skip the Sippy Cup for Your Baby

Are sippy cups really the best cup to introduce after (or alongside) breast or bottle? Experts suggest a straw or open cup instead, and here's why.

Gagging: What You Need to Know About Feeding Baby

Your baby may gag when learning to eat solid foods, especially with baby led-weaning. Here's when gagging is good—and when you need to be concerned.

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This Mom's Baby-Burping Method Is Kinda Going to Change Your Life

A mom blogger offers a slightly different spin on burping your baby, but it's seriously shaking things up for parents everywhere.

Has a Breastfeeding Benefit Been Overhyped?

New research suggests the link between breastfed babies and cognitive ability may not be as strong as previously believed.

New Guidelines on Fruit Juice: Less for Kids and None for Babies

New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend no juice for babies and set stricter limits on portions for older kids too.