Q: Would it be okay to mix my 7 month old’s oatmeal with a bit of soymilk? It would only be a couple of tablespoons. Can a 7 month old digest soy milk? She has been drinking soy formula since birth and I was wondering if instead of mixing the formula with oatmeal if I can substitute it with (plain) soymilk.

A: This is a good question, because it might seem that there would be very little difference between soy-based infant formula and soy milk, but the truth is there’s quite a big difference. Just as it’s not wise to give regular dairy milk to infants, it’s not wise to give regular soy milk to infants. Until your baby is at least 1 years old, continue to use only soy-based infant formula, even when you’re just using a few tablespoons to moisten her cereal. Regular soy milk has a different balance of nutrients than soy-based infant formula, and it’s not ideal to support the proper development of your daughter’s brain and body. At seven months of age, every calorie, vitamin, mineral, and gram of fat matters, and the source of those nutrients is very important. For the first year of life, infant formula is best for babies who aren’t breastfed. You’re more than halfway there!

Answered by Dr. Rallie McAllister


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