For a variety of reasons, some mothers forgo breastfeeding. Luckily, there are several types of infant formula that provide the nutrition babies need.
Best Bottles

Some new mothers can't-or prefer not to-breastfeed. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of nursing-for any reason-and choose to forgo it, you can feel confident in your decision. Today's infant formulas provide perfectly adequate nutrition. And by cuddling and talking to your baby while feeding him, you can easily duplicate the feeling of closeness that breastfeeding provides.

There are three types of infant formula: ready-to-use, which comes in a sterile bottle and sometimes requires a sterilized nipple; ready-to-pour (into your own bottle); and powdered, which you mix with boiled water. Powdered formula is the least expensive-and the greatest amount of work. Your pediatrician will recommend a brand, advise you on the amount and frequency of feedings, and tell you whether sterilization of bottles and nipples is necessary.

Have Fun with Baby's Development

Test baby's eye-Q

Try this simple eye test on your child: Hold one of your fingers about 8 to 10 inches in front of your eyes. Now slowly move it 12 inches to the right, then 12 inches to the left. Your baby should be able to follow your fingers for a distance of about 6 inches on either side of her.

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