Solutions to Your Biggest Baby Feeding Problems

Feeding Baby doesn't always go smoothly. Here are three solutions to your biggest feeding frustrations.


[MUSIC] Your baby has finished feeding when, suddenly, there's spit-up. Ugh! Oh my God! What's going on? Here are three feeding frustrations [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] And solutions to keep you sane. So spit up, even happy babies spit up and it's usually nothing to worry about. Your baby's digestive system is still developing and his stomach muscles are not always strong enough to hold down what he's eaten. To reduce spit up, give your little one smaller, but frequent feedings. Place him in a semi upright position and burp him regularly. Burp me. Another frustration, your baby is constantly moving his head during feedings. It's great that he's curious about his surroundings, but this distraction is driving you crazy. Help your baby stay focused by feeding him in a comfortable, quiet corner. Even play some soothing music. If you're breastfeeding, switch breasts to keep his attention and the milk-flow going. And finally, if you're breast feeding and your baby is taking too long, like more than fifteen minutes, help him stay alert by caressing his cheek, tickling his toes, or maintaining eye contact. After all, the last thing you want is your baby falling asleep while breast feeding and prolonging the process

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