Following your newborn's feeding and diaper patterns is a helpful way to make sure your baby's growing on track. Print our log and get started!


Congrats! Your baby's finally arrived -- along with a slew of questions about her well-being. Is she eating enough? Peeing and pooping normally?

Following your baby's feeding and diaper patterns -- especially in her early newborn days -- can help you feel confident that she's growing and thriving. Use our customized printable log to write down this information. P.S. It'll also come in handy at your child's well-baby visits, since your pediatrician wants to know about your baby's feeding, peeing, and pooping habits, too.

How does our tracker work? When you open the PDF, personalize your care log by filling in your baby's name, the date, and important contact info. Then print it out and keep it in a handy place, like next to the chair where you tend to feed your baby or near her changing table.

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