How to Bottle Feed Your Baby

This step-by-step advice will help you successfully bottle feed your baby.


First, sit in a comfortable chair with armrest. Cradle your baby in a semi-upright position while supporting his head in the crook of your arm. Holding his back and head with your forearm will make it easier for him to swallow. Before you start the feeding, make sure that the formula is at the correct temperature. Place the nipple in his mouth, but don't push the bottle too far in. This may make him gag. Hold the bottle at an angle to prevent your baby from swallowing air along with the formula. Smile and chat to your baby while he is drinking, and let him take a break during the meal if he wants to stop. When you want him to stop sucking, carefully remove the bottle from the child's mouth. If he will not let go, you can coach your little finger into the corner of his mouth. He will then let go.

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