Best Positions to Bottle-Feed Baby

Be sure Baby is comfortable during feeding times.


-There are many ways to bottle feed your baby that will ensure a comfortable meal time. One option is to cradle him. Place your baby's head in the crook of one arm and put your other arm around his body pressing him to your side or holding him under his back and bottom. Lift the elbow holding your baby's head so he's incline slightly. You never wanna feed a baby when he's lying down because the formula or breast milk can flow into the middle ear causing an infection. If your baby has painful gas or acid reflux, consider sitting him on your lap so he's in an upright position. Let his head rest on your chest so he's facing out or position him sideways with his head resting in the crook of your arm. Another option is to set with your legs bend on the floor or a couch. Place your baby on the top of your lap with his head resting on your knees and his feet on your stomach. This is a good position for bonding since you can make eye contact as your baby drinks. With any position tilt the bottle so the milk fills the nipple completely. This reduces the amount of air your baby takes in decreasing his chances of developing painful gas.

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