Amanda Seyfried Solves the Baby Feeding Debate in One Perfect Tweet

All hail Amanda Seyfried, who weighed in on baby-feeding judgment—and took down mommy shamers—in a recent tweet. This is epic!

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Fed is best. This three-word statement perfectly sums up our thoughts on baby feeding: Sure, there are advantages to breastfeeding, just like there are upsides to formula feeding. The bottom line? Each mama just has to figure out what works best for her children—and once she's done that, no one else has the right to pass judgment.

Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world, and so many people don't seem to understand this. Mommy shamers are a dime a dozen, and baby feeding is arguably the issue that baits them the most: Moms are humiliated and policed if they 'dare' to breastfeed in public, yet they're shamed if they opt to buy or use formula.

Mom Amanda Seyfried has clearly noticed this and she's not having it. The actress shared a tweet that gets right to the heart of the issue, and it's something every mom (and mom-shamer!) needs to see.

"Breastfeeding is awesome. Formula is awesome. Feeding your baby is awesome. Not awesome? Judgement," she writes.

Amanda's followers are as on board with this message as we are. "As long as the baby doesn't starve, I'm cool with it," one Twitter user writes. Another weighs in with: "I was criticized harshly for feeding my baby formula. I wish our decisions weren't judged on how we feed our little ones."

Can we all just give Amanda a proverbial round of applause for this perfect tweet? It's something that needs to be said—and we're so happy a loud, influential voice is weighing in on this important issue.

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