Bottle feeding a baby comes with its share of decisions. Learn about when to introduce the bottle, how to supplement breast milk with formula, which bottle type is right for your baby, and more.

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As families face an acute baby formula shortage, they are met with online advice that is not helpful or accurate.
What Is Nipple Confusion in Babies?
If you introduce a bottle too early, your baby might develop nipple confusion. Learn more about why it happens and how to help your little one switch between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding with ease.
A Guide to Bottle Nipple Sizes: How to Choose the Right Level
Baby bottle nipples aren't one size fits all. Here's how to choose a nipple based on your little one's age and desired flow level.
The Most Lifelike Bottles for Breastfed Babies
Planning to give your breastfed baby some pumped breast milk or formula? Learn how to ease the transition between nursing and bottle-feeding, and check out our round-up of the best bottles to prevent nipple confusion.
Millennial Moms Choose Formula Feeding for Convenience
This survey identified a key reason why many millennial mothers pick formula over the breast when it comes to feeding their babies.
Amanda Seyfried Solves the Baby Feeding Debate in One Perfect Tweet
All hail Amanda Seyfried, who weighed in on baby-feeding judgment—and took down mommy shamers—in a recent tweet. This is epic!

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