Baby food pouches are an easy, convenient way to feed your little one on the go—but the disposable version is terrible for the environment. Enter these eco-friendly alternatives that are just as easy to use.

By Erica Jackson Curran
March 27, 2020

Baby food pouches are an easy, convenient way to feed your little one on the go—not to mention sneaking some fruits and vegetables into their diet. But however much you (and your kids) might love them, these non-recyclable convenience items are terrible for the environment. And at a couple bucks a bag, they're not exactly budget-friendly, either.

Enter the reusable baby food pouch, a more eco-friendly alternative to disposable baby food pouches. You get all of the convenience of the store-bought varieties, plus the benefit of knowing exactly what's inside of them—because you're making the food yourself. There's a little more work involved, but the trade-off is a much more affordable way to feed your child while significantly minimizing your waste.

Jennifer House, a dietitian with First Step Nutrition, recommends BPA-free pouches that are easy to clean—and preferably dishwasher-safe. "I would also want a pouch that is freezer safe and either contains a label area or is see-through so you can see what's in it," she adds. "Parents should also look for bags that will be recyclable once they're finished with them, and have a cap that's large enough to not be a choking hazard."

House cautions against overusing even reusable food pouches, especially with babies. "It won't teach them much about food, texture, or how to move food around in their mouth," House says. "It's recommended to sit down with your baby and squeeze the food onto a spoon for better oral-motor development. Add a finger food into the meal, too."

With that in mind, here are seven of our favorite reusable baby food pouches that you can buy on Amazon:

A sturdy double zipper on the side of these Tifanso pouches makes them easy to fill and clean, whether you wash them by hand or throw them in the dishwasher. There's a cute owl design on the front, but the back is clear so you can see exactly what's inside. The 12-pack of 7-ounce pouches comes with a flower-shaped funnel to make filling them up even easier. The plastic is free of BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalates. Shop Here

These reusable and recyclable food pouches by WeeSprout were cleverly designed with rounded edges to make cleanup a cinch—no food getting trapped in pesky corners. There's a double zipper on the bottom of each pouch for ease of filling and washing. Sold in six-packs of 5- or 7-ounce pouches made without BPA, PVC, lead, or phthalates, these are safe for both the dishwasher and freezer. Best of all, WeeSprout offers a one-year, hassle-free guarantee. Shop Here

Animal-obsessed kids will love the wild designs on these Squooshi pouches, which feature the likenesses of six different cuddly creatures, from a panda to a lion. The eco-friendly pouches are available in 3.4- and 5-ounce options, all with a leak-proof zipper on the bottom that you can use to fill with food. They're easy to rinse with a blast of water and top-rack dishwasher safe. If you have any issues with the pouches within a year of your purchase, Squooshi will replace them for free. Shop Here

We love the hip, black-and-white style of these reusable Hippypotamus pouches, which feature cactus, stars, and superhero prints. They are recyclable and nontoxic (like all featured here, BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate-free), with rounded edges and a wide zippered bottom making for quick cleanup with a bottle brush. Each package comes with six pouches and two extra caps. Shop Here

Choose from an array of playful patterns from Sage Spoonfuls pouches, whether your child is into dinosaurs or monkeys. The wide, side-zippered design allows you to fill it with food without using a funnel, and the zipper itself is touted as 100 percent leak-proof. The cap is designed to prevent choking, while the plastic is free from harmful chemicals. Holds up to 7 ounces of smoothies, purees, or whatever else you want to feed your kiddo. Shop Here

With the spout uniquely positioned on the side, Kiddzo pouches open at the top and are self-standing. They come with spoon attachment to allow for easy, mess-free feeding of babies, while the generous 6-ounce capacity offers enough room for filling older children's appetites. They come in packs of 50, with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Shop Here

Choose between four different styles of 10-pack pouches from Simple Modern—we're fans of the assorted variety with the sloth design. They're durable and freezer-safe, plus they're made with nontoxic plastic. Simple Modern is a U.S.-based, employee-owned company that commits a minimum of 10 percent of its profits to helping others. Shop Here


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