The Honest Company is kicking off the 2018 holiday season with five festive limited-edition diaper prints.

By Jessica Hartshorn and Erin Bried
November 01, 2018

November 1, 2018

Jessica Alba and son
Credit: Mei Tao

The Honest Company boasts its diapers to be hypoallergenic and chemical free. But one of the features that make their diapers such parent-favorites is the fun, seasonal prints. And one of the ways we know the holidays are right around the corner is when Honest's winter diaper prints debut. Get ready for the candy canes and reindeer, because they're available now!

The plant-based, eco-friendly diapers are available in these five designs for the next few months: blue cozy sweater, teal gingerbread, white and gray Rudolph, red holiday trimmings, and pink snow bunnies. They sell for $10.95 a pack at with the number of diapers per pack varying by diaper size. Subscribers can get them now; non-subscribers can grab a pack starting November 8th.

Blue cozy sweater

cozy sweater diaper
Credit: Courtesy of The Honest Company

Teal gingerbread

gingerbread diaper
Credit: Courtesy of The Honest Company

White and gray Rudolph

rudolph diapers
Credit: Courtesy of The Honest Company

Red holiday trimmings

holiday trimmings diapers
Credit: Courtesy of The Honest Company

Pink snow bunnies

snow bunnies diaper
Credit: Courtesy of The Honest Company

Parents editors are pretty into the convenience of the subscription service. Who doesn't want diapers to magically appear on the doorstep? This time of year we have all kinds of things coming to the mail to us already, just add diapers to the mix!

We know that the founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba, is a busy mom of three this time of year. She tells Parents that, for Thanksgiving, "We host a family dinner at our house with 70 or 80 people."

Whoa, okay then!

And no, it's not buffet-style. "It's a sit-down dinner. We cook turkey, ham, greens, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, but also everyone brings something, so we end up with about three versions of every side dish," Alba says. "You have to!"