How to Buy Baby Diapers on a Budget

Babies go through an incredible amount of diapers. Whether you are using cloth diapers or disposable ones, here are the best ways to stay on a budget.


[MUSIC] If you're not getting discounts on diapers, it can feel like flushing money down the toilet. Here are great ways to buy diapers on a budget. Try cloth diapers. Using them means more laundry, but you ultimately buy fewer diapers, which will help you save big. If disposable diapers are more your style, buy in bulk. However, if you have just one newborn whose growing rapidly, you may end up with leftovers. Consider buying one bulk box in smaller quantities when they go on sale. Go online. Sites like and Amazon Mom are great for saving on disposable diapers. If you're brand loyal, Huggies and Pampers offer rewards points on their websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Finally, apps like Diaper Deals Mom, Grocery Smarts, and Coupon Sherpa will alert you to coupons and discounts, right on your phone. You'll never miss a diaper deal again.

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