Treating Diaper Rash

Dr. Alan Greene answers the question, How can we get rid of this irritating rash?


What is the best way to treat diaper rash?


Common diaper rash is an irritation of the upper layer of the skin. The best treatment is to avoid prolonged wetness. Additionally, urine and feces contain irritants that can break down delicate baby skin. Keeping skin dry and clean is essential to keeping that skin healthy.

Changing baby's diapers frequently is the best line of defense. Be sure to clean your baby's skin with a nonirritating infant wipe. We prefer these to washcloths because they are made for one-time use and are disposable, so germs become less of an issue.

If your baby develops a rash anyway (and eventually he will) the best course of treatment is to provide a moisture barrier between baby's skin and outside elements. Use of an ointment such as A+D can greatly reduce irritation and speed up healing time.

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