How to Change a Diaper

Get step-by-step instructions on changing your baby's diaper and preventing diaper rash.


-You'll be changing your baby's diaper about 8 times per day. So, to help you get it done quicker and easier, we broke it down into a few simple steps. Remember, you can't leave baby alone on a changing table, even for a second. So, be sure to keep your changing area stocked at arm's length with diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream. Once baby is strapped onto the table, open the soiled diaper but leave it under his tush. Sometimes, a sudden exposure to cold air can cause your baby to pee. This is especially true for boys. So, if you've got a little guy, you'll be glad if you leave the diaper open but still on. Grasp your baby by the ankles and lift her tush up. Gently wipe her clean with baby wipes. Girls should always be wiped from front to back to keep bacterial out of the vaginal area in order to prevent urinary tract infections. Be sure to wipe all visible areas. Apply a coating of diaper cream each time you change baby's diaper, and she won't get a rash. It works. Apply it to the areas that most commonly get inflamed, around the rectum, and diaper area. Secure the diaper snugly with the fasteners. One of the most common diapering mistakes is not putting the diaper on tightly enough, which leads to leaks. You'll know if the diaper is too loose if it sags or slides down. If you have a new born, you'll need to fold down the top of the diaper to avoid covering the umbilical cord stump.

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