Everything you need to make diapering quick and easy.

Before long, you'll wish most of your parenting tasks were as easy as changing diapers. Now, preparation is the key to success. Here's what you need:

___ A changing table or other safe, sturdy, flat surface to rest baby on (your bed can work).

___ An ample supply of baby wipes or cotton balls and a basin of warm water.

___ Baby cornstarch (use if it's warm out, if baby has a moist rash, or if the baby wipe leaves baby's skin too wet).

___ A stack of fresh diapers.

___ Diaper rash cream. A barrier ointment such as Balmex Daily Protection helps prevent rashes, while a cream with zinc oxide, such as Desitin Creamy, treats a rash once baby has it.

___ A diaper disposal system, which is a fancy name for a trash basket that masks diaper odor, such as Safety 1st's Neat.

___ A sense of humor.

Avoid tears on the changing table by covering your new baby's bare skin with a blanket to keep him warm. Offer an older baby a soft toy to keep him busy. Smile as you sing his favorite songs -- at any age -- to distract baby while you get the job done.

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