Where should I feel my baby kick in the womb?

Q: At 19 weeks of pregnancy, is it normal to feel kicks only at the bottom of my stomach instead of the middle or top?

A: Fetal movement is typically felt by a first-time mother between 18 and 22 weeks. For women who are pregnant for the second or third time, fetal movement can sometimes be felt earlier. At 19 weeks, the top of the uterus (the uterine fundus) is just below the level of the belly button. So most fetal movement (kicks, etc.) is felt in the lower part of the belly. As both the uterus and fetus grow, a fetus' movements can be felt all over the belly, including the upper part of the abdomen. So it is completely normal to feel fetal kicks in the lower part of your abdomen prior to 20 weeks.

Answered by Dr. Michele Hakakha

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