When will my baby know her name?

Q: When will my baby know her name?

A: Your baby may turn to you when you call her name from as early as a few weeks old, but that's because she just recognizes your voice -- not because you're specifically naming her. Between 5 and 7 months, most babies learn that their names refer to themselves. This happens as a result of your baby's growing ability to match sounds with the objects or people they represent. For example, if you show your baby a ball and say "ball," your baby will pick up on the association, even though she won't start parroting words back to you until 10 to 12 months or so. To help your baby learn her name, use it often when you talk to her -- "do you want your bottle, Emma?" or "Jake, it's time for your nap." Eventually your baby will make the connection and turn toward you (and later, crawl or walk your way) when you call her. You can also do the same thing for other important words like Mommy and Daddy. Have fun with your baby during this exciting stage and chat with her often, allowing her to respond to you with her own unique babbles, which should start around 6 months.

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