Timeline to Walking and Beyond

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While each baby develops at her own pace, here's what you can generally expect as she starts down the path to becoming a walker. Find outwhen she'll take her first steps and get a sneak peek at all the other amazing ways your little one will navigate her world.

2 Weeks Old

When a 2-week-old infant is held upright on a firm surface, he?ll generally move in a march-like fashion, with each foot jumping up as it touches the surface. This will help strengthen Baby?s developing muscles.

Image Source/ Veer
Image Source/ Veer

2 Months Old

By the time an infant is 2 months old, he can bear his weight briefly when he?s held in a standing position.

8 Months Old

By 8 months, many babies are crawling and by 9 months, they start to climb onto things.

Alexandra Grablewski
Alexandra Grablewski

9 to 16 Months Old

Between 9 and 16 months, most babies start walking; they first pull themselves up to a standing position and cruise around by holding on to furniture. Eventually they walk unaided. Typically they hold their arms out and spread their legs for balance, and point their knees out and toes in or out.

Fancy Photography/Veer
Fancy Photography/Veer

18 Months Old

By 18 months, toddlers have graduated to a heel-to-toe gait, and usually climb stairs one foot at a time while holding on to an adult's hand.

2 Years Old

Most 2-year-olds can walk backward and can also run with ease.

3 Years Old

By 3-years-old, preschoolers are able to jump with both feet off the floor at once, stand on one foot for several seconds, and walk up and down stairs on their own.

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