When Do Babies Walk?

A baby's first steps are among the most memorable of all the milestones. One minute she's holding herself up against the couch or table, the next minute she's cautiously putting one foot in front of the other destined to fall. Learn when your baby should start to walk, how to encourage walking, and more.

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When Do Babies Start Walking?
If your little one has been crawling and cruising, you may wonder when she'll take her first steps. Here, experts break down the stages of walking, and they explain when most babies start moving on two legs.
How to Prepare Your Baby for Walking
Once your cutie starts cruising, get ready for the pitter-patter of little feet. Try these tips to help your baby get up and go.
Ways to Help Baby Learn to Walk
From sitting to crawling and cruising your baby's journey to walking is an exciting time.
Timeline to Walking and Beyond
While each baby develops at her own pace, here's what you can generally expect as she starts down the path to becoming a walker. Find outwhen she'll take her first steps and get a sneak peek at all the other amazing ways your little one will navigate her world.
Walk This Way: Understanding Baby's Walking Style
Your baby is ready to walk, but don't be surprised if she takes a while to hit her stride. Toddlers -- and even bigger kids -- often have issues like bowlegs, pigeon toes, or tiptoe walking. Here's what to look out for as your baby learns to walk, and when to worry.
Walking Timeline
While each baby develops at his or her own pace, here's what you can generally expect and when.