The Dos and Don'ts of Baby Talk

You have a big role when it comes to baby's language development. Learn how to talk to your little one the right way, so that she'll be communicating before you know it.


[MUSIC] The idea of baby talk gets a bad rap. But that's because many people misunderstand it. Here's what you need to know about baby talk. Don't use dumbed-down baby words like baba instead of bottle. This isn't helpful for your child's language development. And if you're not using the real word to describe an object, your child won't learn the right way to say it. Do use regular language, real words, to label things like banana, plate, chair. Don't speak in a monotone as you might to another adult. Instead. Speak slowly, in a high pitch, and vary the tonality and the rhythm. And do deliver the words in a way that's more compelling to your child and helps him hear them better. We call it a sing-songy approach. You might say, oh, baby, so big. We call this type of speaking Parentese, and for good reason. It's the way moms and dads naturally talk to their babies, and it helps them learn to speak more easily. With the right approach to baby talk, your little one will be communicating before you know it. [MUSIC]

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