Baby said what?! Parents share the hilarious stories behind their little one's unusual first words.

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Credit: Cheyenne Ellis

We asked, you answered: What's the funny story behind your baby's first word? Here are the most memorable responses:

"My husband is famous for forgetting to take out the garbage. I have to remind him constantly. One morning, in the midst of my daily reminder, our 9-month-old, who was sitting in her high chair, looked straight at her father, banged her fist, and yelled 'Garbage out!' Stunned by those unusual first words, we both had a hearty laugh." —Sylvia Perantinides, Campbell, OH

"My husband was feeling down about the possibility of missing our son's first word. One morning, when he was leaving for work, he told our son 'I'll see you later, okay?' Smiling wide, our son replied 'Okay!'" —Monica Pearce, Orange, CA

"A noisy owl made its home in a tree next to our son's bedroom window. After hearing him hoot loudly every night, our baby's first word was 'Who.'" —Tony Ficaro, Bartlett, IL

"Our youngest son's first words were 'Let go.' My husband and I were puzzled by this until we walked into a room one day to find his older brothers playing tug-of-war with his favorite blankie. In a tiny voice he stood his ground, yelling, 'Let go, let go!'" —Laura Conaway, Columbus, OH

"Unlike most parents, I often spend workdays at the office with my 11-month-old daughter. One day, while I was focused on an important project, she began crying for my attention. Flustered, I continued until I heard 'Momma!' I couldn't believe she'd spoken until my boss bellowed 'That definitely got my attention!'" —Angela Maylin, Roy, UT

"I had practiced saying 'Momma' with our 14-month-old daughter for weeks, acutely aware from her babbles that 'Dada' was on the way to becoming her first word. But both my husband and I were unprepared for the day our baby uttered 'Bob' as her first word. And sure enough, Bob, our golden retriever, came running to her call." —Monica R. Rivera, Woodland Hills, CA

"My husband teases me mercilessly because I always say 'cool.' One day, while feeding our baby, I asked him 'Was that good? ' To my surprise, he replied 'Cool.' We couldn't believe it!" —Stephanie Jividen, Buffalo, WV

"My husband never thought the baby would say his name first, since I spent every day with her. But one morning, while he was in the shower, our daughter yelled 'Dada!' Elated, my husband ran out of the bathroom dripping wet with nothing on but shaving cream and a huge grin." —Annmarie Blastenbrei, Norfolk, VA

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