Early Signs Your Baby Is Learning to Talk

Anxiously waiting for Baby's first words? It turns out that your newborn is already communicating in his own special way. Here are five ways your 0-8 month old is learning to talk to you.


[MUSIC] Are you one of those parents anxiously awaiting your baby's first word? Well, there are a few developmental steps along the way. And here are five signs your baby is learning to talk. Of course, there is crying. Your child has different types of cries, though, for discomfort, loneliness, hunger, and when she's tired. And you'll quickly learn to translate the meanings of these different sounds by simply pairing and realizing that x type of cry seems to always be associated with hunger while y is a sign the baby's tired. Laughter is another form of communication that your baby will develop. Usually between four and six months, and while your baby can't talk yet, he knows how to make sounds. Especially vowel sounds like Ooh and Aah, and he uses them to babble, which is really an early form of talking around four months. By seven to eight months. She'll start to use these vocalizations to communicate positive and negative thoughts. If she hears a favorite sound like the ice cream truck she might coo to let you know that she likes it. And these babbles are the building blocks for the language that will soon follow. [MUSIC] Remember, the more you talk to your baby, the faster she'll learn the meaning of words and start using them herself. [MUSIC]

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