Activities to Encourage Language Development: 3-6 Months

Smile at Him
Encourage your baby to babble with these simple activities from Jamie Loehr, M.D, and Jen Meyers, authors of Raising Your Child.

Converse with Him

Talk to your baby! Let him see your face when you are talk to him. Gaze into his eyes and talk to him whenever you change his diaper or feed him, whenever you take him shopping or out for a walk in the neighborhood. Talk to him just like you would talk to a friend, telling him about your plans, showing him something in a store window, and asking him questions. He will learn about the inflections and intonations of conversation and will eventually respond to you in kind.

Learn when to start signing with your baby, plus find out the benefits of baby sign language.

Sing to Him

Sing your favorite song. Your baby will love whatever you choose, whether you prefer lullabies, show tunes, folk music, or rock 'n' roll. Pick one song to sing whenever you comfort your upset baby because he'll start to recognize the tune and calm down as soon as he hears it. (This is especially helpful when you're driving in the car and can't physically comfort him.)

Read to Him

Read to your baby all the time. Look at picture books together, ones with bright colors and high-contrast patterns. He'll love listening to your voice and looking at the illustrations.

Don't skip the bedtime story, because reading is one of the most important things you can do to encourage your munchkin's language development. Here are seven tips for reading to your baby.

Name the Parts of His Body

Name the parts of your baby's body when you touch them, such as his nose, toes, and belly button. Rhyme words like "toes" and "nose" to make it fun.

Name Objects

Name objects in your baby's environment. This includes people (Mama, Daddy, Grandma), animals (dog, cow, horse, bird), objects (tree, flowers, chair), and body parts (hand, tummy, ears).

Use Your Imagination

Make up stories for your baby. They can be simple of elaborate, but as long as they are told in your voice they will engage and entertain him.

Raising Your Child

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More Activities for 3-6 Month Babies

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